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LANGY Commercial Aluminum Solar Street Light

LANGY Commercial Aluminum Solar Street Light

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Aluminum Solar Street Light

Smart All In One Solar Street Light through innovative design, the real realization of the integrated solar street light definition. LANGY ‘s well-built, modern high- end, compact all feature flagship product. All In One design solar light put all core parts and smart motion sensor in one kit, to be used for parks,streets, parking lot.


  • Dusk to dawn sensor

  • Remote Controls

  • Lithium battery prolongs life and protects environment

  • Modular compact design, easy assembly and maintenance

  • Rust-proof, dust proof and waterproofApplication


  1. For street or parking lot as solar street lights
  2. Outside the house for security
  3. At a shed or remote garage for security
  4. At entrance for remote buildings as a night light
  5. To illuminate signs as solar sign lighting
  6. On a porch as a night light
  7. For Farms as street lights
  8. For Bus stations as sign lighting
  9. At the public parks or walking paths as a outdoor lighting




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